P2U Kokomi Emotes Genshin Impact

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Pay to Use emotes from Genshin impact

These emotes are designed for Twitch and Discord in sizes 112px, 56px, 28px and 336px for Discord stickers

Before buying keep in mind the following points
T.O.S :

  • Anyone can buy these emotes.

  • You are not buying the exclusive rights to the emote, and you do not have the right to send DMCA to other channels.

  • Edit, resell, recolor or tracing any of these emotes is strictly prohibited.

  • You do not have the rights to merchandise these emotes.

  • Only 1 Discord server or Twitch channel allowed per purchase.

  • The credits in some part of your channel or on your server are appreciated.

Upon purchasing, you are accepting these terms of use.

Any questions you can contact me on twitter: @k3llyArt
♥ Thank you so much for your support ♥

I want this!

Good Luck in your Pulls ♥

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P2U Kokomi Emotes Genshin Impact

7 ratings
I want this!